If Hillary wins, she will make history but will she advance women’s empowerment?

Pinky Khoabane asks if women leaders advance the women’s agenda? Will Hillary Clinton be any different from an Obama or husband Bill, Bush or any of the litany of men who rule the world?


If Hillary Clinton wins the US presidency, she will make history as the first woman US president. She’s a former first lady and she voted this morning with her husband, former president, Bill, standing behind her.

If she wins she will join a group of other women as heads of state. She joins Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as Theresa

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  1. Did Margaret Thatcher or does Angela Merkel advance women’s empowerment just because they are women? No. Did Wolfgang Schäuble(German finance minister)advance empowerment of disabled people just because he himself is bound to a wheel chair? Definitely not. Politicians represent the class interests for which their respective political parties stand.
    On the other hand, the fact that women make it to top positions can encourage girls/women to do likewise. This of course is an “automatic” effect, if you like, of women making it to the top.

  2. I don’t doubt that, she has gone through a lot in life as woman, to not advance women empowerment. She has been an inspiration to many women long before.

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