How FNB Wiped-Off Now-DA Councillor Simon Lapping R125,000 Home Loan just for R400 Owed On His Credit Card & Overdraft

By Pinky Khoabane (correction from Lapping. He wasn’t paid R35,000 but R3,500 for closing his credit card and overdraft facility. Does it matter that it is R35,000 & not R3,500? Lapping doesn’t object to the rest of the article. FNB bought Simon Lapping to keep quiet on FNB’s use of Non Authentic Early Debit Order (NAEDO) to “grab money” without an authorised debit order.


DA’s Simon Lapping

DA Councillor in Ekurhuleni Ward 17, Simon Lapping, was in financial trouble some years ago. He was in arrears of R400 on an FNB Credit Card and Overdraft facility but he ended up with R3,500 paid to him by FNB just to close these two accounts. But that wasn’t all. He was later given a bond of R155,000 even though he had no job and no income and FNB paid R155,000 into his bond which had an outstanding amount of R125,000. He was then paid the balance of R30,000 in cash. Read his affidavit attached, which he has confirmed is authentic. 

Call it a legal route by which banks operate in trying to close a bad account as Spalling calls it today or a bribe to silence a disgruntled client, the bottom line is that now DA Councillor of Ward 17 in Ekurhuleni, Simon Lapping, had his bond account of R125,000 wiped-off First National Bank (FNB) books just so they could close his other smaller accounts, he says. In the process of getting him to close his measly accounts which he was in arrears of R400, they paid him R35,000.00 in cash. In an affidavit signed in 2015, Lapping details how in 2008 he went into financial difficulties and struggled to pay instalments on his credit card and overdraft facility that went into R400 in arrears.

“FNB employed a firm of debt collectors, I believe called BDM Attorneys to collect on the arrears on my account,” the affidavit reads. The collectors harassed him up to ten times a day just to get their R400.

The now DA Councillor sent an email to then CEO of FNB, Michael Jordaan, “threatening to obtain his personal details and to begin threatening him if the harassment from BDM did not stop.

“The same afternoon I received a call from Mr Jacque Cilliers, CEO of FNB Credit Card. He requested a meeting. I agreed to meet with him.

“I went through to Bank City in Johannesburg the following morning to meet with Mr Cilliers. There was (sic) about five people. Mr Cilliers, an Indian Lady (their “legal” person), Darryl (surname I cannot recall) and another person who was there briefly”.

In the meeting, Lapping detailed the harassment by FNB and that their use of Non Authentic Early Debit Order (NAEDO) to “grab money” without an authorised debit order was unacceptable. “Mr Cilliers response was. ‘I will give you R100 000 to go away’.”

The DA Councillor says in the affidavit that he explained he had a joint bond account which he had with his wife but that he was going through a divorce. He requested for a few days to think about the offer and in two days’ time, FNB contacted him to establish if he accepted the offer. He responded in the affirmative. He says his credit card and overdraft were cancelled and he was given R3,500.

It was agreed that the balance of the R100,000 would be paid up when his divorce went through. Some two or so years later, the divorce was finalised and he informed the bank of the developments. The financial institution began processes to ensure that a property he owned with his wife would be put in his name to the amount of R155,000.00. “As per divorce agreement I would get my ex-wife’s half share of a property we owned. FNB Homeloans began the process, which I might add they were completely out of their depth. I complained to Dawn Smith about the sheer incompetence….and he set up a new one point liaison for me,” the affidavit reads.

Lapping says part of the provisions made for this transaction were that he could not contact the FNB CEO and the transaction could not be reflected on ITC. In addition, FNB would pay for the transfer fees. “Around September 2011, the property was transferred into my name with a new bond of R155,000 (quite good for someone with no job, income etc). My outstanding balance was about R125,000. A month later in the beginning of October, I paid R2800 into this bond, the only payment I ever made. A few days later, a mysterious amount of R150,000 was paid into my bond therefore leaving me with a credit of approximately R30,000,” the DA councillor continues in his affidavit.

He says he enquired from the bank where the “mysterious” amount came from and the bank confirmed it was made by FNB Credit Card. The R30,000 was made directly to him thereafter, he adds.

In an interview I conducted with Lapping, he says his case was one of several legitimate means by which banks close accounts. Banks close accounts due to bad behaviour (bouncing cheques, inability to service accounts, etc), fraudulent activity on the account, or if someone wants to buy for development, a property which is still owed.  He confirmed the authenticity of the affidavit which he claims to have made to assist another aggrieved FNB client, Nico Niemand.

The tone of the affidavit is quite different from Lapping’s tone in the interview today, where he suggested this transaction was above board.

Attached is the Affidavit. FNB Bribe




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    I am turning to you as the CEO of FNB as a last resort due it being most apparent that your staff refuse to assist nor listen to reason. In 2005 I was duped into converting my home loan from ABSA bank to FNB One Account by one of your reps, much to my bitter regret today. From the onset there was problems with the handling of this account and after my boyfriend committed suicide I ran into financial difficulty and toward the end of 2005 the house was placed under auction and the bond amount was recovered. If I remember correctly, it was something in the region of R854, 000.00 they got for the house. I was not given final details.

    Toward the end of 2015 I started receiving sms’s (with smiley faces to boot) from FNB requesting payment on my “Residual Loan Account”. Not knowing what this was all about and believing it to be a ruse, I simply deleted the messages – I never knew banks communicated in this way in any case. During the course of last year I started receiving phone calls from various “lawyers” demanding that I pay this “Residual” amount which then was somewhere in the region of R640, 000.00 to which I responded that I had no idea what they were talking about and how can they possibly conjure up this account more than 10 years AFTER auctioning the house off. I furthermore advised them and sent them an affidavit stating that I have no knowledge of this account and do not have the financial means at almost 60 years of age to suddenly be confronted with such a bill and demanding I repay it. I barely sc**** through on the little bit I make every month caring for children.

    Now, to add further insult to my already dire situation regarding this “account”, I signed up with ClearScore to see my credit rating as I needed to make a loan of R2, 000.00 to purchase a second hand stove and to my utter shock and dismay your bank has BLACKLISTED me – really? This without my knowledge, consent, nothing!

    This is the information they have put on Experian which is absolutely unbelievable. I have no documents, nothing pertaining to this “account” except the sms’s sent that I duly deleted after telling them that I do not owe them money. This is the information I found on ClearScore ( you will note on ClearScore the following – You have no mortgages on your credit report)

    BALANCE : R910, 494
    OPENING BALANCE : R641, 763
    ACCOUNT NR : ********** 916403

    So, if I have not mortgages on my credit report, what in the world is this FNB account in aid of?

    Mr. Celliers the entire South Africa is aware that you are a man of integrity and your profile speaks volumes when it comes to fairness and honesty but can you please explain to me how fair and how just is this blatant abuse of power by FNB to blacken my name after all these years with no due cause or reason. I cannot afford to pay any accounts which is why I do not have a single account and now this – please assist in correcting this as a matter of urgency. I do not want to resort going public with this matter but I will do what it takes to clear this off my name and if for some crazy reason I do owe you this money then I am afraid there is no way that I have the means to pay it back, not at my age and not with my measly income.

  2. To you calling racism in this matter. This african ladies bond was with Standard Bank correct? Just a quick google search results to put the thumb on that “racism” claim: CEO of Standard Bank SA – Sim Tshabalala

    With a limited information claimed such as the one above regarding this lady, one cannot speculate on the situation as you are ill informed and cannot throw accusations like you’re doing – it is penalised with a prison sentence as you cannot prove racism.

    Furthermore, if this lady exceeded the age of 65, she won’t be covered at all. Here is what the Standard Bank Bond Life Cover states: Cover ends at age 65 years for disability, retrenchment and dread disease.

    If the bond exceeded the value of R1.6 million, the bond won’t be covered regardless as per Standard Bank Bond Life Cover: Payment of the outstanding balance, excluding arrears, limited to R1.6 million for each life assured on diagnosis.

    If the kids kept the installments up to date as you have stated in your comment, the bank would not put the house of foreclosure and wold not have auctioned the house. If the affected lady read the small print and decided to go with a third party life cover, which is allowed, she would have been covered.

    I am sure this will give you some further thought on the matter as you clearly did not think any further than your skin colour!

  3. I have “shocking revelation” to make on FNB!

    I will do this once I receive the response from the banking association committee (BASA)

    I have referred the matter to the Bank of Settlement (BIS) Switzerland as part of the probe into the corrupt activities of reserve bank (SARB)

  4. All black people must stand together in totally unity,to demand changes in the banking sector!

    That’s the only option to the solution!

  5. This happens EVERYWHERE!? Like lecturers being sympathetic to a white student when their dog dies and they get to submit an assignment later, while a black student must submit on time despite having lost a family member.

    1. Tamsin very true indeed and funny also.

      I remember how Black Security guards would send us Black Students back home for not producing Student cards and let white students through but thats way back. Not sure if it still happens.

  6. It’s not just the banks that are unfair toward non-whites.
    If you take any financial sector (insurance, investment companies etc), non-whites get the short end of the stick.
    Bail outs of sympathy have always been a “white” benefit.

  7. Shocking indeed!!! And Jeff, that standardbank case is appalling to say the least. This is pure rotten racism yet plenty of our black people support and would die for wmc.

  8. This is shockingly a tip of the iceberg Sis Pinky.

    Yooo!!! You uncovered one of the biggest bank scandals ever.

  9. Not sure if I should say:
    amazing! Or appalling!

    Let’s put this into correct perspective.

    A white man going through trauma of a divorce.

    He gives up on himself! Resulting him falling into arrears with his accounts.

    When the bank approach him for payment he tell his traumatic story to the bank.
    The banks is so touched by his story they decide to intervene( help him out)

    This man had an immovable asset with the value of over a million.

    How do I know that? by the transfer cost indicated to transfer the wife`s 50% share.

    Now let me touch on one matter involving a black woman going thru a financial crisis, and her bond account in arrears, as a result of being terminal illness ( Cancer level 4)

    This black woman had life cover on the bonds account, issued by the same bank and also ceded to the same black. Policy was paid and kept up to date by her kids.

    The bank terrorizes this woman for the arrears, the bank put the property for foreclosure, we present plea to the bank, to stay the auction as this women dying, we supported the plea with specialist report which had given her a life expectancy of 6 months to die!

    The bank makes an urgent sequestration order, house goes on auction, women dies.
    Bank took the proceed of the sale & proceed of the policy ceded to them!

    That bank was standard bank s.a.

    So where does the sympathetic gesture go when it comes to black people?

    Compare the two and decide which one deserved sympathy? Then when we say Banks rip black people in every way they can we are accused of being racist! It is about race in which the banks act.

    1. Jeff I stand to be corrected by you and sis Pinky but my reading of this is that Jacques Colliers was spooked by Simon Lapping contacting CEO as well as the NAEDO debit order query from Simon that HE WANTED TO PAY HIM TO “GO AWAY”

      I’m still curious if I’m correct as to why he was spooked

      1. Kobedi, Simon Lapping was in arrears for R400 but he knew that FNB was in violation of Constitution by debiting unauthorised debits. So he approached him and they offered to wipe-off all his debt.
        The irony is that the same bank, despite knowledge that blacks are being cheated on interest rates, does nothing there.
        Call me a conspiracy theorist, but do you think there’s a link to this man who had nothing suddenly becoming a DA Councillor?

      2. Kobedi i have spooked banks on violations & iregularities like no other!

        They have never offered me a cent to disappear, but choose to take matter to litigation, which causes frustrations,time & money. Or simply rectify the error and blame it on human error & that human suddenly or conviniently becomes a person of color. This is a standard strategy that WMC entities use, when they caught they simply blame it on a black employee.

        1. In essence fighting a bank thru litigation is a loosing battle! Especially if the color of your skin is not white!

          They use the money power they have to drive you bankrupt with endless postponement.

          And sadly to say, they collude with all major law firms, court registrars, and sheriffs, to obtain default judgements & relevant court orders.

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