DTI & NCR To Intervene In Day-Anderson’s Plea To FNB’s Celliers

FNB’s Jacques Celliers

CITIZEN activism has changed the world. In our little world, a reader spotted the open letter by Nicky Day-Anderson to First National Bank’s CEO Jaques Celliers which we published this week

In the letter, Day-Anderson begs Celliers to help resolve the daylight robbery which saw her being slapped with a R640,000 bill for a house which the bank repossessed and sold for around R854,000 some ten years back. Having auctioned the house, she never heard from them until they sent her SMSes in 2015later informing her she still owed them R640,000.

Mahomed Vawda, Chief Director of investment and development in Gauteng’s Economic Development department read the piece and started a chain reaction that saw the Department Of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the National Credit Regulator intervening. In his letter, among other things, Vawda requests the DTI to communicate with the bank on behalf of Day-Anderson. The NCR’s legal department is now going to investigate the matter on her behalf.

Readers dont always leave their true identities and contact details when they post comments and so I hope Day-Anderson will read this post and confirm her details as she’s now a WANTED woman, in a positive way, by the NCR.

Let’s hope her issue is resolved speedily. Our greatest appreciation to Vawda for reading UnCensored and his citizen activism. Realeboha. Siyabonga.

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  1. FNB’s response was that my “Business transaction” was R990, 000, they sold the house for R875, 000 but now I still owe R1.3 million plus and now they are calling it a “business transaction”. This is becoming more and more confusing as I am getting conflicting feedback from a few lawyers and not too sure how they can bring about a judgement against my name ten years after selling the house – they opened this “Residual Account” on the 22nd November 2011 which is 3 years after it was sold and then blacklisted me in 2017 – this is a nightmare. If they sold the house for R875, 000 and the bond or loan or whatever was R990, 000 (that gives me a shortfall of R115, 000) then I am not too sure how they get to R1.3 odd milion since blacklisting me. They advise in the letter that the judgement against me lapsed on the 19th September 2011 being 5 years after the judgement but will remain on my name and enforceable for 30 years – how can the judgement lapse and then they open another account 2 months later.

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