Denials Of Having Visited Guptas Will Come To Bite Many

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene caught lying about having had an "engagement" with Guptas

By Akuba Mokoena

HAVING laid the narrative that the Gupta family were the sole capturers of the state, the next step was a checklist of what determined being captured by the Guptas. Being at the Gupta’s home and attending their functions became synonymous with being in a corrupt relationship with them. The questions on establishment journalists list were always whether the person they were interviewing had ever been to the “Gupta Compound”, had ever engaged them, whether they had been asked to do anything for them. And naturally, everyone had to deny ever been to the Guptas or engaging them even if their presence was of an innocent nature. It turns out many politicians and leading figures had been to the Gupta home and even attended their functions including the Gupta wedding which is mired in controversy. Their guests from India landed on the Waterkloof Air Base which is a military base normally reserved for heads of states and diplomatic delegations.

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene, testifying at the Zondo Commission into State Capture yesterday said he had had an engagement with the Guptas, having visited their offices in Midrand. His testimony contradicts his statements in an interview in which he said he had no engagements with the Guptas. See the video above to its end where the Minister, when asked about that contradiction simply refuses to answer.

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