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The current ANC, ANC Veterans & stalwarts, Rupert, Oppenheimer, UDF and Save South Africa

By Mxolisi ka Nkomonde

The ANC adopted the Reconstruction Development Plan(RDP) as a blueprint to liberate the Black majority from the chains of colonialism and apartheid in 1994, but that revolutionary spirit to liberate the people was short lived.

The Apartheid state was a socialist state but only for the white minority and RDP was an instrument to extend the social and industrial benefits to Black majority while re-integrating the South African economy to the global economy at a measured pace.

A faction within the ANC largely from United Democratic Front and exiled ANC leaders decided to turn against the people they claimed to represent with the imposition of a policy called Growth, Employment and Redistribution (GEAR) through cabinet without any consultation with ANC, the Alliance and NEDLAC.

GEAR, later dubbed “the 96 class project”, was essentially colonialism and apartheid 2.0 without the racist ideology hence South Africa still has 10% of the population, mainly White, that controls 90 – 95% of the wealth and receives 55-60% of all income.

The imposition of GEAR was no accident as the history behind it goes back to the beginning of institutionalised racism called Apartheid ·

  • The National Party(NP) got into power in 1948 (same year the state of Israel was established with British assistance) with the help of the British through the NP’s Cape “verligte” faction to introduce Apartheid
  •  In 1958 the Transvaal “verkrampte” faction of NP dominated and took over leading to Henrik Verwoerd becoming prime minister
  • Verwoerd was a pure Afrikaner Nationalist but his racism was no different to the “verligte” or liberal faction of the NP. They only differed on economic policy with Verwoerd’s faction advocating for dirigist economics (state intervention to uplift Afrikaners) while the verligte were advocating for “free market” fundamentalism which is a code for the state subsiding British & emerging Afrikaner capital
  • The “verligte” faction of NP and the British founded South Africa Foundation (SAF) in 1959 as a counter force to the Verwoerd government and dirigist economics. The main focus was  to promote Apartheid as paradise to the global community in order to quell sanctions and global resistance in trading with the Apartheid regime while consolidating British & emerging Afrikaner capital through Oppenheimer and Rupert within the South African economy
  • South Africa Foundation together with Royal Institute of International Affairs also called Chatham House or Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) moved the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIR) in 1960 to Wits University to concentrate on influencing the Transvaal faction of the NP on various policy issues with major emphasis on economic and international relations
  • The South African founders of SAF namely Ernest Oppenheimer and Anton Rupert then joined forces with Rick Menell to establish Urban Foundation in 1977 to pursue their economic objectives on the “Urban Black” population and later within the Apartheid government since it had refused to be linked to this shadow unelected government for more than 30 years
  • Ernest Oppenheimer from SAF then funded United Democratic Front(UDF) after it was founded in 1983 since efforts to change policy direction of the NP were not happening at the required pace. He then identified the oppressed Black majority as a useful tool and major force in changing the economic trajectory for British and Afrikaner capital through a select group of leaders from UDF and exiled ANC leaders educated in Europe
  • Soweto Committee of Ten was founded in 1977 at the same time as Oppenheimer founded and funded Urban Foundation. This Committee of Ten sought to elect a new community board that would have total autonomy in Soweto including the powers to levy taxes and to control education, the police and local elections.  But it was merely a ploy to test SAF and Urban Foundation policy objectives on the Black population through collaborators. The Apartheid regime rejected this programme outright and kept the Bantu Administration Board as the authority
  • In 1986, select leaders and members from the UDF and the Committee of Ten formed an initiative called South African Centre for International Co-Operation (SACIC). They joined forces with an Israeli group called the Israel Centre for International Co-Operation(ICIC) and their objective was to increase anti-Apartheid activities in the Middle East, United States and South Africa with the aim of “training” future leaders for post-Apartheid South Africa. This clandestine initiative was funded by USAID and it trained 600 graduates who later occupied positions as members of parliament, NGO activists, trade union leaders, mayors and the cabinet under ANC government
  • Within a month after former president Nelson Mandela was released, the ANC, led by OR Tambo issued a report on 14 March 1990 called “Report of the Commission on the Cabal” which stated the following: “The problems of disunity within the ranks of the Mass Democratic Movement(MDM) due to the manipulating role of certain Indians and Whites regarded as leaders in the struggle, has reached a level of seriousness that it is clear that we need to address it immediately and decisively.” It went on further to say: “We firstly discussed the effect of the existence of the cabal within the UDF and were unanimous in our belief that it manipulates strategy, lacks democratic practices and stifles free and open debate necessary for the advancement of the struggle”
  • The ANC adopted the Reconstruction and Development Programme as an election manifesto and Economic Policy for the 1994 elections. The RDP was based on dirigist economics where the state would drive economic policy to uplift the Black majority since Blacks had no capital to begin with. It was therefore agreed upon by the dirigist economics faction within NP, ANC and the Alliance (COSATU and SACP)
  • South Africa Foundation together with Old Mutual publishes an economic policy document called “Gowth For All” which drives the same policies that the Apartheid regime refused to implement for 36years because they would impoverish Afrikaners and escalate the racial conflict which was already in place due to their evil Apartheid system
  • Growth For All later appears in cabinet through UDF and exiled ANC leaders as GEAR then imposed by the Mandela led government with Thabo Mbeki saying “Just call me a Thatcherite” since he was actually the head of government while Mandela was busy implementing the “rainbow nation” project which was a political programme to to soften Black rage and quell White fears at the same time
  • After Mandela retired Mbeki took over the reigns as state president. And soon thereafter, the South Africa Foundation was rebranded Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) with new fronts such as the Oppenheimer founded and funded Brenthurst Initiative
  • Thabo Mbeki was re-elected in 2004 and be began a programme that dismantle GEAR because Blacks were getting worse-off . He therefore selectively answered the call of the ANC and the Alliance for a Developmental State which requires state intervention. Soon after taking this stance Mbeki became the demon in the white controlled media largely controlled by BLSA
  •  Mbeki was ousted as President of the ANC in December 2007 by a united force from SACP, COSATU, ANC “leftists” and ANC “reformers” who had gained substantially from Mbeki led GEAR which came with mega BEE deals but these “reformers” were unhappy with Mbeki’s inability to impose GEAR in full since their shares depended on it otherwise they sat with massive debt
  • Jacob Zuma takes the reigns as ANC president in 2009 then halts further implementation of GEAR but not without Trevor Manuel advancing some aspects of GEAR. Trevor Manuel then leads a Planning Commission which produced the National Development Plan(NDP) chaired by Cyril Ramaphosa who is a product of Urban Foundation
  • NDP is basically GEAR 2.0 so the Zuma administration has not implemented most parts of it besides the massive infrastructure programme and has chosen to implement elements of the dirigist policies inherited from Mbeki administration and improved by cabinet which has a lot of SACP and COSATU influence. This has created a situation where the Zuma administration has been demonised by the SAF controlled media using self inflicted scandals such as Nkandla and lately the Gupta allegations to conceal the real agenda. The demonisation of the Zuma administration has increased since the ANC held a National General Council in 2015 which outlines the ANC’s policy direction for its next policy and elective conference in 2017
  • A new initiative called Save South Africa has been established with support from ANC veterans and stalwarts who are largely beneficiaries of GEAR through BEE. Leaders of SaveSA & ANC veterans such Cheryl Carolus and Mavuso Msimang serve on the boards of Rupert’s World Wild Fund which is another front linked to Council on Foreign Relations and South Africa Foundation since the 60s. The Save South Africa campaign is the reincarnation of the UDF which OR Tambo raised an alarm about as early as 1990. So who should we Save South Africa From If We Want Prosperity for ALL irrespective of which political party governs.
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  1. nkandla and Guptas are not self-inflicted, but are straws in the absence of anything of substance that can be used to demonise and vilify the President of the ANC, otherwise an illuminating and chronologically well laid article.

  2. The essence or invariable nature of power is still either deliberately or ignorantly misunderstood by most Africans at all spheres. What has been accepted as a natural phenomenon: Free Market Economy is thee frightening think(gogo) if you like. Like kids we are told don’t temper with economic the big brother in Europe or America is watching. We are afraid of redirecting our economy and it’s sources. The current crop of comrades most not waste time on door keeping strategies, rather on how to transfer political and economic power in the African hands. Stop all avenues that make Rupert and Oppenheimer rich, redirect them for the empowerment of an African child not few individuals Africa needs more of Social entrepreneurs who are prepared to enriche African families.

  3. The essence or invariable nature of power is still either deliberately ignorantly misunderstood by most African leaders in all spheres. What has been accepted a natural phenomenon: Free Market economy is the frightening thing (GOGO). Like little kinds we are told don’t temper with economy the big brother in Europe or America is watching we are made to be afraid to control and redirect our economy. The current crop of comrades who are in political power unfortunately spend most of time crafting door keeping strategies, rather than how transfer political and economic power into the hands of fellow Africans. Africans will forever be trapped in this vicious cycle of ignorance and poverty, as long as the mind set remains the same. Creating economic power for Africans will never come through the empowerment of few individuals. Until communities are given the opportunities to own means of productions, have their own firms, economic emancipation will remain an illusion and a dream never to be attained. You indeed don’t have to take away Oppenheimer/Rupert’s wealth, rather take away what makes them rich, which are opportunities at their disposals, mineral and the investments we continue making in their establishments. Have viable South African Banks, controlled and owned by the communities. We all know that all this people most of their labour and investments come from the Africa/Black households. Africa need more of Social Entrepreneurs who are prepared to live a modest life while empowering their surrounding communities through localized industries and projects.

  4. We must allow the ANC to provide and proceed with its policies and and mandate that was carried out when fought for the liberation of south Africans, it there for mean let’s give our president a chance to finish his ideology working with relevant Members that will see to it that the Mandate is accomplished using the right Gear. We all now were the ANC comes from unity and cohesion

  5. I need not be angered by the utterance in this article Fact or Observation. All I know is that there are too many people going through pain and there’s no realistic system in this world that will serve them. We just need to educate each other to make an effort towards changing our circumstances. So I quote, unquote; “Whatever happens in the world is real, what one thinks should have happened is projection. We suffer more from our fictitious illusion and expectations of reality ~ Jacque Fresco”

  6. The article is insightful I however feel that it is failing in its content to name the people involved so that the reader can make his own observation of the general posture of such individuals. The article shy away from mentioning that the capture of the state is not a new phenomenon but it’s inherent in the body politics and the economic activities this approach would desmistify and rubish the report of the public protector for what it is given that it’s approach fails to include institutions controlled by the Oppenheimer and Rupert families. What about the role of international monopoly capital in destabilizing the democratic state of South Africa? The weakness of the article for me is that it postulate that the ANC as a movement is highly infiltrated by people who driven by self interests and this it has abandoned the people this view is oblivious to the role of many forces that is hellbent on reversing our political and economic gains thus far.

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