The Communist Manifesto: 170 Years In Retrospect

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Dr Lehlohonolo Kennedy Mahlatsi

The Manifesto of the Communist Party contains the first and most complete abridged statement of the theoretical principles of Marxism and of the strategy and tactics of Communism. It was commissioned by the Second Congress of the German Communist League, an underground workers Party, in November 1947. Friedrich Engels (at age 27) first drafted Principles of Communism. He handed it over to Karl Marx, then 29, for revision. Expatiating on Engels’ Principles, Marx produced the theoretical and literary masterpiece known as the Communist Manifesto,

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  1. Thank you Cde Lehlohonolo for your , as always , very informative contribution. The opening line of the Communists Manifesto has in fact been ringing in my ears ( or is it my mind ) as I ponder the political situation which is rapidly manifesting in our country and within our organisation . Although I was also schooled in Marxist-Leninist political philosophy as a young cadre growing up in the liberation movement , I never quite mastered the subject as much as comrades such as yourselves did. I raise this issue in response to your beautiful contribution because I am firmly of the opinion that it is incumbent on real communists like yourself to take the lead with regard to presentation of well -researched and reasoned contributions regarding the situation our country , in the light of my personal perception ( and I repeat perception ) that leading elements within the SACP are gradually being co-opted by capitalists to derail our National Democratic Revolution under the guise of combating corruption and state capture. As I have said herein , this is my own perception of what is happening and like a disciplined cadre of our movement I stand ready to be corrected if found to be wanting in my analysis.

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