Chronology of how the National Party and African National Congress were outsmarted by White Businessmen and Foreign Governments in taking over South Africa in 1989

By Mxolisi Ka Nkomonde, Tweet him @MxolisiBob

  • 26 June 1959 Anti-Apartheid Movement is born after Chief Albert Luthuli pleaded with the British to boycott South Africa
  • 3 February 1960 British Prime Minister Harold McMillan present his “Wind of change blowing across the continent” at South African Parliament in Cape Town
  • 21 March 1960 Demonstration against pass laws in Sharpeville ends with police killing 69 Africans.This was followed by foreign companies pulling out their investments in fear of instability. Oppenheimer owned and controlled Anglo American buys the shares with help from US banks to bailout the Apartheid regime
  • 08 April 1960
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