Articles by Pinky Khoabane


We Have To Stop Being Ashamed Of Being Black

STOKELY CARMICHAEL, back in the 60’s popularised the Black Power movement. He encouraged us to accept ourselves, our history and our looks. In South Africa today, we still have schools…


BRIEF: SA Courts Busy This Morning

By Pinky Khoabane Sihle Zikalala who until this morning was the Kwazulu-Natal ANC Chairperson KZN ANC 2015 Elective Conference Null & Void HIGH Court in Pietermaritzburg has moments ago, ruled…


The Coup in Chile – Lessons For South Africa

Chilean-troops-make-arrests during the military coup that overthrew President Salvador Allende EDITORIAL: Lessons for South Africa USING several articles sourced from writers across the globe, we’ve drawn parallels between what is…