ANC Must Hang Its Head In Shame In Airports Renaming Row

EVEN beyond her grave the African National Congress (ANC) finds it must trample on Mama Winnie Madikezela Mandela’s grave and her legacy. Even in death, the ANC is too threatened by her power and what that power means for awakening and mobilising the masses who remain trapped in the sprawling townships – landless, jobless and completely unequal to their white counterparts – in a land they call their motherland.

A wonderful, noble and deserving suggestion by the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) at her funeral that the Cape Town International Airport be named after her has been hijacked by the party for which she did so much, to be replaced by Tata Nelson Mandela.

The campaign for Cape Town International Airport to be named after Winnie Madikizela-Mandela had gained such momentum, across party-political lines only to be scuppered by her own political party. How disgraceful.

Hours before the closing deadline for the suggested name, the ANC came out with a social media campaign promoting Nelson Mandela as the preferred name for the Cape Town International Airport and the Kimberley Airport to be named after Winnie Madikizela Mandela.

When the heat got too much for the ANC on social media, it deleted the posts. But it was too late.

The hypocrisy of the ANC in this case is palpable. If this great revolutionary was still alive, it is this same party that is denying her some recognition, that would have been at her house, forcing her out of bed to go and campaign for the upcoming elections.

The Mandelas were always expected to make appearances at ANC rallies. Here Tata Mandela despite his ailing health, together with Mama Winnie, made their usual customary appearance ahead of elections

The ANC is also cognisant of Tata Mandela’s continuous plea for the party faithful and the nation as a whole to celebrate him not as an individual but a collective leadership. The ANC knows he had had enough of the many buildings, statues, streets, towns, informal settlements, etcetera, that had been named after him. “Not another statue named after me,” those close to him will tell you he often said.

Even in death the ANC continues to sow division in the Mandela family. Their children, grand children and great grandchildren supported the call to have the Cape Town  airport named after her. It is after all, well documented that Mandela had to choose between the presidency and his wife.

The ANC will also know that there was a reason Mama Winnie’s 80th birthday party was held in Cape Town. Zinzi Mandela explained that Cape Town held a special place in her mother’s heart.

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